Microsoft Office Excel 2003 - Foundation Course Outline

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 - Foundation

SECTION 1: Getting Started with Excel

Lesson 1.1: Introduction

What is Excel?

New Features in Excel 2003

Opening Excel

Exiting Excel

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.2: Help with Excel

Finding Help

The Office Assistant

The Help Task Pane

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.3: Beginning Excel

The Standard Toolbar

The Formatting Toolbar

Working with Excel Menus

Exploring Task Panes

Excel Shortcut Keys

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.4: The Basics of File Management

New Workbooks

How to Open Existing Workbooks

How to Save Workbooks

How to Close Workbooks

Excel File Types

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.5: Explore your Workbook

Switching Worksheets

The Active Cell

Selecting Cells

Exploring a Worksheet

The Zoom Feature

Practice Exercise

Section 1: Review Questions

SECTION 2: Excel Basics

Lesson 2.1: Working with Excel

Columns, Rows, Cells, and Ranges

Creating Worksheet Labels

Entering and Deleting Data

Printing your Worksheet

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.2: Basic Excel Features

What is AutoFill?

What is AutoSum?

What is AutoComplete?

Working with Basic Formulas

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.3: Editing Tools

Using AutoCorrect

Using Spell Check

Using Find and Replace

Documenting a Worksheet with Comments

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.4: Moving your Data

Dragging and Dropping Cells

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Cells

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Multiple Cells and Items

How to Use Paste Special

How to Insert and Delete Cells, Rows, and Columns

Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.5: Using Smart Tags and Option Buttons

What are Smart Tags?

The Error Option Button

The AutoFill Option Button

The Paste Option Button

Practice Exercise

Section 2: Review Questions

SECTION 3: Working with Excel

Lesson 3.1: Modifying Cells and Data

Changing the Size of Rows or Columns

Working with the Formatting Toolbar

Adjusting Cell Alignment

Rotating Text

Creating Custom Number and Date Formats

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.2: Cell Formatting

Conditional Formatting

What is the Format Painter?

What is AutoFormat?

Cell Merging and AutoFit

Find and Replace Formatting

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.3: Enhancing a Worksheet's Appearance

Adding Patterns and Colours

Adding Borders

Adding Fill Effects

Working with Styles

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.4: Modifying Excel's Toolbars

Hiding Toolbars

Showing Toolbars

Moving Toolbars

Customizing Toolbars

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.5: Working with Charts

Creating a Chart

Formatting a Chart

Manipulating a Chart

Enhancing a Chart with Drawing Tools

Enhancing your Chart with Titles and Tables

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.6: Working with Charts and Data

Changing the Type of Chart

Changing the Source Data

Creating 3-D Charts

Working with the Chart Axes and Data Series

Making Custom Charts

Practice Exercise

Section 3: Review Questions

SECTION 4: Workbook Management

Lesson 4.1: Organizing your Workbook

Inserting and Removing Worksheets

Renaming, Moving, and Colour-Coding Worksheets

How to Split and Freeze a Window

Using Multiple Workbooks and Windows

Using a Watch Window

Creating a Custom View

Practice Exercise

Lesson 4.2: Formatting your Workbook

Using Headers and Footers

Inserting Page Numbers

Changing Margins and Orientation

Hiding Rows, Columns and Worksheets

Practice Exercise

Lesson 4.3: Printing a Workbook

Choosing a Print Area

Setting up Page Breaks

Choosing Paper Size and Changing Print Scale

Adding Print Titles and Gridlines

Practice Exercise

Lesson 4.4: More Workbook Features

Linking Workbooks

Consolidating Workbooks

Combining Worksheets

Protecting Worksheets

Using Templates

Practice Exercise

Section 4: Review Questions