Microsoft Office Publisher 2002 - Advanced Course Outline

Microsoft Office Publisher 2002 - Advanced

SECTION 1: Customizing Publisher 2002

Lesson 1.1: Customizing Publisher 2002

The Options Dialog Box

General Options

Editing Options

User Assistance Options

Printing Options

Saving Options

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.2: Customizing Publisher Toolbars

Toolbar Customization Options

Create Custom Toolbars

Adding And Removing Commands

Reset, Rename And Delete Toolbars

Practice Exercise

Section 1: Review Questions

SECTION 2: Publisher and the World Wide Web

Lesson 2.1: Converting Publications

Convert A Print Publication To A Web Publication

Convert A Web Publication To A Print Publication

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.2: Create a Web Site using Publisher

Selecting Web Site Designs

Selecting Navigation Options

Inserting Web Pages and Adding Forms

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.3: Incorporating Hyperlinks

Inserting Hyperlinks

Link To Another Publication Page

Link To A Web Page Or Existing File

Link To A New File

Link To An Email Address

Modify And Remove Hyperlinks

Practice Exercise

Section 2: Review Questions

SECTION 3: More on Creating Websites

Lesson 3.1: Hot Spots

Adding Hot Spots

Resize And Move Hot Spot

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.2: Web Form Controls

The Form Controls Toolbar

Attaching Single And Multi-Line Text Boxes

Inserting A Check Box And Option Button

Attaching A Submit And Reset Button

Attaching A List Box

Modifying Form Properties

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.3: Designing Your Web Page

Setting The Width Of A Web Page

Modifying Web Page Text Colors For Hyperlinks

Apply Background Color And Texture To A Web Page Background

Apply Sound And Animated Clips

Incorporating And Adding HTML Code Fragments

Applying The Same Text To All Browsers

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.4: Managing your Web Page

Web Options

Previewing Your Web Page

Saving and Updating A Web Page

Practice Exercise

Section 3: Review Questions