Microsoft Office Access 2002 - Intermediate Course Outline

Microsoft Office Access 2002 - Intermediate

SECTION 1: Importing Data

Lesson 1.1: Linking to External Data Sources

Understanding Linked Data

Linking vs. Importing

Lesson 1.2: Understanding the Database Splitter

Splitting an Access Database

Working with Split Tables

Lesson 1.3: Importing an Excel Spreadsheet

Working with the Import Spreadsheet Wizard

Previewing the Imported Table

Lesson 1.4: Importing an Access Database

Working with the Import Objects Wizard

Understanding Import Options

Lesson 1.5: Linking an Outlook Contact List

Working with the Link Exchange/Outlook Wizard

Practice Exercise

Section 1: Review Questions

SECTION 2: Exporting Access 2002 Data

Lesson 2.1: Exporting Access 2002 Data

Exporting vs. Importing

Exporting to a File

Lesson 2.2: Exporting to an Access Database

Exporting vs. Importing

Preparing the Data

Lesson 2.3: When to Use Cut and Paste

Understanding the Clipboard

Practice Exercise

Section 2: Review Questions

SECTION 3: More About Queries

Lesson 3.1: Understanding Primary Key Fields and Table Relations

Defining Normalization

How do Key Fields and Table Relationships Help

Working with the Relationships Window

Lesson 3.2: Creating Action Queries

Types of Action Queries

Make-Table Query

Update Query

Append Query

Delete Query

Lesson 3.3: Designing Parameter Queries

Using Wildcards with Parameter Queries

Using Calculations in Queries

Designing Concatenated Fields

Using Multiple Tables in Queries

Practice Exercise

Section 3: Review Questions

SECTION 4: More on Designing Forms

Lesson 4.1: Fine-tuning Data Entry Forms

Limiting User Access

Protecting Forms by Controlling Edits, Deletions, and Additions

Lesson 4.2: Working with Subforms

Displaying a Subform within a Form

Synchronizing Forms and Subforms

Entering Data in a Subform

Creating Check Boxes

Understanding Event Procedures

Understanding Command Buttons

Practice Exercise

Section 4: Review Questions

SECTION 5: More on Designing Reports

Lesson 5.1: Fine Tuning Reports

Working with Properties

Using the Format Painter

Lesson 5.2: Working with Report Sections

Creating a Report Header using Labels

Creating a Page Header

Grouping and Sorting

Creating the Detail Section

Creating a Page Footer

Creating a Report Footer

Practice Exercise

Section 5: Review Questions