Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2002 - Foundation Course Outline

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2002 - Foundation

SECTION 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1: Starting Out

What is Microsoft PowerPoint 2002?

Opening Microsoft PowerPoint

Interacting with PowerPoint

Closing Microsoft PowerPoint

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.2: Slides

What is a Slide?

Adding a Slide

Deleting a Slide

Cutting, Copying and Pasting Slides

Text AutoFit

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.3: Creating a Slide

Creating Text

Deleting Text

Selecting Text

Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text

Using the Format Painter

Using Find and Replace

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.4: Working with a Presentation

Saving A Presentation for the Second Time

Opening a Presentation

Closing a Presentation

Using the Save As Command

Practice Exercise

Lesson 1.5: Getting Help in PowerPoint

Using the Help Menu

Using the Office Assistant

Configuring the Office Assistant

Using the Type a Question Box

Getting Help in a Dialog Box

Practice Exercise

Section 1: Review Questions

SECTION 2: Editing Slides

Lesson 2.1: Placeholders

Types of Placeholders

Resizing Placeholders

Moving a Placeholder

Deleting Placeholders

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.2: Formatting a Slide

Add a Background Colour

Add Gradient Fills

Add Textures or Pictures

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.3: Other Formatting Tools

Inserting Headers and Footers

Inserting Slide Numbers

Inserting the Date and Time

Practice Exercise

Lesson 2.4: Managing Slides

The View Toolbar

Using Slide Sorter View

Using the Slides Tab

Using the Outline View

Practice Exercise

Section 2: Review Questions

SECTION 3: Adding Effects

Lesson 3.1: Formatting Text

Adjusting Font Size

Adjusting Font Type

Adding Effects

Changing Text's Colour

Changing Font's Case

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.2: Formatting Text from the Fonts Dialog Box

Opening the Fonts Dialog Box

Using the Fonts Dialog Box

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.3: Creating a Bulleted or Numbered List

Adding Bullets

Adding Numbers

Customizing Bullets and Numbers

Removing Bullets and Numbers

Discontinuing Bullets and Numbers

Practice Exercise

Lesson 3.4: Using Paragraph Alignment

Using Left, Right, Or Centre Alignment

Using Justification

Changing Text Direction

Practice Exercise

Section 3: Review Questions

SECTION 4: Printing and Viewing a Presentation

Lesson 4.1: Using Proofing Tools

Spell Check

Using AutoCorrect

Set Your Language

Practice Exercise

Lesson 4.2: Using Print Preview

Opening Print Preview

Using the Print Preview Toolbar

Using the Print What Menu

Setting Options

Printing Your Presentation

Practice Exercise

Section 4: Review Questions