Corel WordPerfect Mail Course Outline

Corel WordPerfect Mail

Section 1: Understanding E-mail

Lesson 1.1: All About E-mail

Anatomy of an E-mail Address

Advantages of E-mail

E-mail Etiquette

About Spam

About Viruses

Digital Signatures


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Lesson 2.2: Getting Started

Common E-mail Applications

Opening the E-mail Application (WordPerfect Mail)

Anatomy of WordPerfect Mail

Getting Help

Closing WordPerfect Mail


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Lesson 1.3: Components of the Mail Interface

Using the Folder List

Using the Main Menus

Using the Toolbar

Using Shortcut Menus

Using Shortcut Keys

Working with Dialogue Boxes


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Lesson 1.4: Working with Messages

Opening Your Inbox

Opening Messages

Switching Between Open Messages

Closing E-mail Messages

Adding and Removing Message List Headings


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Working With E-mail

Lesson 2.1: Managing Mail

Using Contacts Lists

Searching For Messages

Creating Folders

Moving Messages to a Folder


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Lesson 2.2: Working With Messages

Sorting Messages

Deleting Messages

Restoring Deleted Items

Emptying Deleted Items


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Lesson 2.3: Message Tools

Flagging Messages

Marking a Message as Read or Unread

Opening and Saving Attachments

Using Reply and Reply to All

Forwarding Messages


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Lesson 2.4: Printing Messages

Using Print Preview

Print Commands

Choosing a Print Range

Setting the Number of Copies


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Advanced E-mail Topics

Lesson 3.1: Creating Messages

Creating a New Message

Addressing Your Message

Adding a Subject

Composing the Message

Using Cut Copy and Paste

Sending the Message



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Lesson 3.2: Advanced Message Tools

Attaching Files

Removing Attachments

Changing Priority

Copying Text into a Message


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Lesson 3.3: Working With E-mail

HTML vsPlain Text E-mails

Setting up Default Text Fonts

Adding Images

Spell Checking


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Lesson 3.4: Address Tools

Adding People to Your Contact List

Creating a Distribution List

Adding and Removing Addresses from a Distribution List


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions


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