Practical Applications - Time Management and Excel 2007 Course Outline

Practical Applications - Time Management and Excel 2007

Module One: Getting Started

The Power of Change

Case Study: Another Day at the Office

Planning Tools

Break (15 minutes)

Excel 101


Module Two: Setting Up Excel

The Quick Access Toolbar

Changing your Worksheet Default Settings

Setting Formula Options

Changing the Appearance of Your Excel Interface

Starting Excel Automatically when Windows Boots


Lunch (60 minutes)

Module Three: The Four D's

Do, Dump, Delay, and Delegate

Do: The Nuts and Bolts of Using Excel

Dump: Getting Rid of Things You Don't Need

Delay: Make Excel Remember For You

Delegate: Get Things Done



Break (15 minutes)

Module Four: Finding What You Need

Organizing Your Workspace

Sorting Based on File Type

Sorting and Filtering Data

Conditional Formatting


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