Microsoft Outlook 365: Part 1 Course Outline

Microsoft Outlook 365: Part 1

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Course Prerequisites

Course Overview

Course Objectives

How to Use This Book

Lesson 1: Getting Started

TOPIC A: Getting Started with Outlook 365 Online

Key Terms

Logging into Outlook 365 Online

Launching Outlook 365 Online

The Outlook 365 Online Interface


Getting Help in Outlook 365 Online

Activity 1-1: Getting Started with Outlook 365 Online

TOPIC B: The Outlook 365 Online Workspaces

The Mail Workspace

The Calendar Workspace

The People Workspace

The Tasks Workspace

Searching Workspaces

Activity 1-2: The Outlook 365 Online Workspaces

TOPIC C: Viewing Email Messages

Viewing Email Messages

Understanding Message Threads

Viewing Mail Folders

Identifying Read and Unread Messages

Identifying Message Icons

Activity 1-3: Viewing Email Messages

TOPIC D: Customizing Outlook

Accessing Outlook 365 Online Options

Setting up Signatures

Configuring Automatic Replies

Theme Setting

Activity 1-4: Customizing Outlook 365 Online


Review Questions

Lesson 2: Working with Email Messages

TOPIC A: Creating and Sending Email Messages

Creating a New Message

The Message Pane

Using the To, CC, and BCC Fields

Entering and Formatting Message Text

Sending or Discarding the Message

Using Drafts

Activity 2-1: Creating and Sending Email Messages

TOPIC B: Responding to Messages

Using Reply, Reply All, and Forward

TOPIC C: Adding Items to a Message

Attaching Files to a Message

Adding Pictures to a Message

Activity 2-3: Adding Items to a Message

TOPIC D: Managing Messages — Part One

Selecting Message(s)

Marking Messages as Unread/Read

Deleting Messages

Using the Deleted Items Folder

Using Undo

Printing Messages

Activity 2-4: Managing Messages — Part One

TOPIC E: Managing Messages — Part Two

Flagging Messages

Pinning Messages

Marking a Message as Junk

Activity 2-5: Managing Messages — Part Two


Review Questions

Lesson 3: Organizing Email

TOPIC A: Managing Folders

Creating Folders

Renaming Folders

Moving Folders

Deleting Folders

Moving Messages to Folders

Activity 3-1: Managing Folders

TOPIC B: Using Categories

Customizing Categories

Creating Categories

Assigning a Category to an Item

Removing a Category from an Item

Activity 3-2: Using Categories

TOPIC C: Using Viewing Tools

The Focused Inbox

Sorting Email

Filtering Email

Activity 3-3: Using Viewing Tools

TOPIC D: Cleaning Up Messages

Using Archive

Using Sweep

Creating Rules

Activity 3-4: Cleaning Up Messages


Review Questions

Lesson 4: Using the Calendar Workspace

TOPIC A: Getting Started

Opening the Calendar Workspace

Understanding the Calendar Workspace

Changing Your View

Activity 4-1: Getting Started

TOPIC B: Working with Events

Creating Events Using Quick View

Editing Events

Moving Events

Changing How an Event is Shown

Printing Events

Deleting Events

Activity 4-2: Working with Events

TOPIC C: Using the Event Window — Part One

Creating Events Using the Event Window

The Details Section

Adding an Agenda

Adding and Formatting Text

Attaching Files

Activity 4-3: Using the Event Window — Part One

TOPIC D: Using the Event Window — Part Two

Inviting People

Using the Schedule Pane

Activity 4-4: Using the Event Window — Part Two

TOPIC E: Using Shared Calendars

Viewing Other Calendars

Removing Calendars

Adding Other Calendars

Adding Interesting Calendars

Sharing Your Calendar

Activity 4-5: Using Shared Calendars


Review Questions

Lesson 5: Using the People Workspace

TOPIC A: Getting Started

Opening the People Workspace

Understanding the People Workspace

Viewing Contact Details

Viewing All Contacts

Activity 5-1: Getting Started

TOPIC B: Working with Contacts

Creating Contacts

Editing Contact Details

Communicating with Your Contacts

Deleting Contacts

Activity 5-2: Working with Contacts

TOPIC C: Using Contact Lists

Creating Contact Lists

Manage Contact List Membership

Communicating with a Contact List

Deleting a Contact List

Activity 5-3: Using Contact Lists


Review Questions

Lesson 6: Using the Tasks Workspace

TOPIC A: Getting Started

Opening the Tasks Workspace

Understanding the Tasks Workspace

Sorting and Filtering Tasks

Activity 6-1: Getting Started

TOPIC B: Working with Tasks

Creating Tasks

Editing Tasks

Marking a Task as Complete

Deleting Tasks

Activity 6-2: Working with Tasks

TOPIC C: Managing Tasks

Attaching Files to a Task

Activity 6-3: Managing Tasks


Review Questions

Lesson Labs

Lesson 1

Lesson Lab 1-1

Lesson Lab 1-2

Lesson 2

Lesson Lab 2-1

Lesson Lab 2-2

Lesson 3

Lesson Lab 3-1

Lesson Lab 3-2

Lesson 4

Lesson Lab 4-1

Lesson Lab 4-2

Lesson Lab 4-3

Lesson 5

Lesson Lab 5-1

Lesson Lab 5-2

Lesson 6

Lesson Lab 6-1

Course Wrap-Up

Post-Course Assessment

Course Summary


Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet



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